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T10018N Smoke grenade launcher kit.

T10018N Smoke grenade launcher kit, turret mounted.


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Smoke grenade launcher, right and left one for the turret sides of the Tamiya or Heng Long Tiger I in 1/16 scale. Contains two cast nickle silver smoke launcher mounts (right and left)  (replaces the kit parts G25 and G27 in the Tamiya FO kit) and six turned brass smoke grenade cups (replaces the kit parts E21 in the Tamiya FO kit.)

The smoke launcher mounts are fine cast in nickel silver and better detailed than the Tamiya or Heng Long kit parts. E.g. the screws on the mounting plates are visible.
The cups and the base plate of the mounts are equipped with a small hole in the base, so it is possible to add the wires there. The smoke grenade launcher was build into a Tiger I up to turret number 261.