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JPA0012 Jadgpanther fighting compartment rear door, highly detailed inside and out.

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Product Description


High detailed and moveable rear exit hatch (square entry- and exit hatch for the rear back board) with inside detailing for the Tamiya Jagdpanther (56024) in 1/16 scale. Complete set with resin and metal parts for a perfect detailed rear hatch. In opposite to the original Tamiya hatch is this hatch full functional and comes with all inside details.

1 x Resin Rear hatch, functional, with all interior and exterior details.
2 x Lateral hinges (left and right) for the tailgate made of nickel silver casting, with threaded pins for screwing in the rear mounting wall.
For this purpose, 2 pcs. M3 lock nuts and 2 M3 washers for fastening.
2 x handles.
2 x stop blocks for the door on the engine deck, highly detailed, with welds, etc., nickel silver.

The installation is very simple, only two 3 mm holes must be installed in the rear wall. The stop blocks indicated by Tamiya on the engine cover are simply removed and replaced by the two nickel silver parts.
The set can also be used for the Heng Long Jagdpanther.