ETO armor


April 6, 2016

07/07/2018 ships only to the following:

USA, UK,  Canada, Australia, England, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Byelorus, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and established tankers in other countries. If you live in a country not listed here please email Etoarmor for shipping instructions.

Shipments out of USA

April 6, 2016

06/22/2018 overseas shipping policy is as follows:
All Customs Documents will be filled out correctly with the correct value of goods in the parcel. Under no circumstances will shipments be under valued.
Management at

Customs, duty fees and Post information for foreign shipments.

April 4, 2016


Please be advised that is not responsible for customs fees, duties, in country taxes or any other fees concerning your shipment once it leaves continental USA. The buyer is responsible for all fees connected with the shipment and delivery of the parcel.

All parcels are shipped US Post Priority Mail. Once the US Post tracking system lists the parcel as being handed over to the recipient’s Post Service, is not responsible for delivery in the host country.

Management at etoarmor.