KT0034PUV2 PU-cast armored exhaust covers vers. 2, for the Tamiya 1/16 King Tiger

Fits to all Tamiya 1/16 King TIgers. The original kit parts are totally wrong and poorly detailed. This new set includes 2 correct scaled and high detailed armored exhaust covers with add on parts. Mountig is easy, you can use the existing borings on the tank and you need only to drill 4 additional M2 holes. This version was also used on the “Jagdtiger”. Material: PU casting Set content: Armored exhaust covers for left and right side, nickel silver sprue with 4 lifting pins and crank handle mount for the right exhaust cover (moveable), 4 hexhead screws M2x8mm (steel), 4 M” nuts with high head (steel), 1 piece of wire (wire would be used as a bolt for the crank handle mount), instructions sheet.

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